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Home Network and Multiaccounting

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I started alone on skylords, but decided to invite 4 of my old comrades to play with me again.
My brother, 2 cousins and a longtime friend.
We have a habit of meeting on weekends and playing together.
My point is, the fact that we are all 5 under one roof (we will not always be the 5 in the same network) but when we are .... is there a possibility of taking some punishment for being on the same network?
To avoid any kind of allegation, we will not make any exchanges between us.
We just wish we could play again together. Because any online experience is always better with friends, so we can get together, have a few beers and have fun for hours together.

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Nice big button which says "BEWARE: Multiaccounting May Cause Permabans!" has this nicely stylized quote:

Roommates/Siblings/Shared PCs should remain unaffected. There is no need to contact staff for sharing a network, having the same IP or using the same device within the same household. Please only contact staff for people being banned in this situation.

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