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The Stress Test Open #10 (2on2) posponed

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Hello fellow Skylords and Skyladies!

Alliances have been forged and armies have been sent into battle, let us have another team tournament! Who will win the Stress Test Open#10?



It will be a 2vs2 Single Elimination best of three tournament, the  grand finals will be best of 5.


Prize Pool! (subject to change)

1st Team  - 1000 BFP

2nd Team - 800 BFP

3rd Team - 600BFP

4th Team - 400 BFP



On 29.06.19 starting on 4pm CEST (Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance.



In the Sparring grounds, get the community observer maps to enable observers/streaming.


Extract the folder to Documents/Battleforge/




The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier.

The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv .

In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord or Battleforge.

A list of tournament mods and organizers: DasToggy, Karlmann



-No bugabuse, cheating or insulting the other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss.

-Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake.

-Not showing up to your match with after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins.

-After your match go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically.

-The Map Pool is: Turan, Danduil, Nadai, Zahadune, Fyre. The first match of the round will be played on Turan, then it is losers choice. Second round will start with Danduil, third one... you get the drill.


So again in short:

-Decide to play and register for the Tournament in Challonge as a team.

-Download and extract the community observer maps.

-Be online before 4pm CET on 29.06.19 and contact your enemy team, invite them into a party and then host the first map (Turan) and play the match. 

-If you win, go to Challonge and confirm your win and update the bracket. It will show your next enemy.

-Contact your next enemy, invite themto a party and then host the next map. Repeat until you are in the finals.

-Win the tournament and eternal glory. Also some BFP and maybe cards.


Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later.

I would love to see this community grow again and the competitive scene develop aswell. And there are so many good strategies in 2on2...

Please recheck this thread before the tournament in case the map pool, rules or staff/mods will change.


Best regards,


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