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1 - Ranking does not show up

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NAME: Ranking does not show up
LOCATION: Leaderbord Rankings
DESCRIPTION: We broke the All-Time record in Titans with ducarev, but it does not even refresh our time in the leaderbord. I guess, it is caused by the Anti-Cheat. I dont want to share the Replay, but as far as I know, some Admins can access the replay. The Name of the replay is 20190404_112208_11304_PvE_04p_Titans.pmv
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I saw 16:06.6 as last time on my screen and ducarev saw 16:06.5 so it was far away form the 16.13.0 in the leaderbord. We waited more than 30 minutes now, so it is not the 5 minutes refresh/cron job

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Ducarev got banned... so I guess it was really Anti cheat...



Edit: I also cannot login anymore. I should have better not logout I guess ^^



Edit2: Kubik unbanned us. Thank you very much for that :D


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