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Nothing happens after I press 'Play'

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I did everything as said. I have my divers updated, directx etc.; I did change the config things, always running as administrator,  and during the unpacking progress my antivir and my firewall was turned off.


So, I started the Launcher and he was patching a little and now, if i press 'PLAY' the Launcher disappears, but nothing more happens. There is a process called SkylordsRebornUpdater and if i´m trying again a windows Pops-up, wich says that a Client is already running and if i want to close the running client to start a new one.


Hope you can help me.



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Please provide _launcher.log which can be found in the root directory of your install (Same place BattleForge.exe is)

and log.txt which can be found in Documents/BattleForge/Diag

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Hello there,

Have you made sure that your Anti Virus isn't blocking the SkylordsRebornUpater?

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