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Looter change

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Many players have complained about the looter ability as it makes it harder to know if you're truly ahead since it gives permanent power advantage (not to mention balance issues).

The ability itself is an upfront power investment for later return which I don't think represents fire very well. If the ability did the same thing but instead of generating power it returned part of the bound power from the looter directly to the power pool it'd be easier to balance and would go along with fire's aggressive gameplay. Consider if thugs' looter had a rate of 40% of the targets powercost (returned from thugs bound power), you'd get 20 power back from killing a forsaken, meaning that your 60 power unit with 50 power stats only cost 40 in the end but you did waste 1 permanent power. That means that you'd get 5 thughs for each 4 forsaken IF you managed to have them live long enough to be effective and if you can't, then you lost more than when normal 50 power units die.

I'd also propose for 50 powercost to be the minimum for the calculations (anything with less than 50 powercost will be considered as having 50), meaning that you'd be able to use thugs on pve without wasting resources (it's fire's s/s unit so I'd really like for it to be useable on pve). That'd also make attacking wells and monuments with thugs a BIT better (since it's just 20 power from dealing 2K/3K damage with only thugs).

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