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Got a bug ingame and then a ban

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Hello Skylords Moderators and Team,

I was doing dailies with my friend which got me into the game 4-5 days ago and after we started our second game of the night my deck was completely gone. I just had 2 strange minions left, a turtle and some ranger which I could not build. See File 1

I told him over TeamSpeak that I can't use my units and I have some sort of bug, so we have to give up and start a new map. After I left the map I noticed that there were no cards in my collection left only the 2 bugged units were left in my skill bar. See File 2

After that, I decided to relog and hoped that that would remove the bug. When I tried to log in it only stated me that my account was banned with no further information and I should contact you. See File 3

I hope you can help me because I have no clue of what is going on.

File 1.jpg

File 2.jpg

File 3.jpg

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Hello, I recievied ban yesterday, for my character, for exactly same reason. Could you please help me too?

Thank you, JsemFilip.

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