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2 starting multiplayer maps

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NAME: starting multiplayer maps


LOCATION: This happens to me, wenn I´m attempting to start a 4 player map and get invited shortly after.

DESCRIPTION: I think the system struggles, wenn I open a map on my own.. and someone invites me in his group during the waiting. Often I´m with someone else in "my own" instance of the map... and on the right are names of other players. Sometimes I can only see the window to join open scenarios and I get a whisper to ready up - but I don´t have the checkbox available.




REPRODUCIBILITY: It depends heavily on the case. When players simply join my "instance", I can check the box and load the game. But I think I never could have startet one, when I was invited out of the blue by someone else.



1. Playing with german language.

2. The Error message appeared when I clicked on ready (Bereit).

3. Thank you so much for bringing this gem back! <3 <3 <3





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I have something similar. When I created a game and closed to the window back to the forge everything was okay. However it looked like two groups were merged together - resulting in 3 player group for 2 player map and when I tried opening the map window (via clicking the globe) following errors appeared:


Mind that client just look as if it froze. Those boxes were not to be seen until I have alt-tabbed.

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