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2 - "Critical Error: Assertion failed!" starting rPVE

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  • NAME: "Critical Error: Assertion failed!"
  • LOCATION: Starting rPVE
  • DESCRIPTION: Starting rPVE invokes a Whitescreen and an Error Message
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: custom_match.png.e962247b59048326a97e22897e1c6061.png
    • Not sure when exactly the Error started. My assumption is while pressing "start the game"
    • Errorrating 2, since i havent reproduced the bug and it could be due to server shutdown.
    • pressing the OK button resulted in another error message. was either a .net or visual studio 20XX message saying something about virtual methods. dissapeared in a fraction of a second
    • May be due to shutting down the Servers. Approx. 30s later a Discord Notification popped up:

      InsaneHawkheute um 19:07 Uhr


      @everyone Hello Skylords! Our servers are off for now, on purpose, we're doing a maintenance that is quite important on our end. We'll let you know once servers will be back online! Thank you for your patience! :smiley:


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