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This may or may not have been discussed but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if Skylords will introduce any promotional cards or make any future dealings with other gaming companies and such? Example is the common Lord Cyrian Neutral card people could easily get. The question is less of card type and more of, are these types of cards and events going to come out in the future? Or have any connection to advertising/circulating Skylords comeback? Or will it just depend majorly on the veteran player base instead.

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Hello Quivun,

first please read the FAQ here (if you didn't already)

Now about your questions. Main focus of the Skylords Reborn dev team is to make the game playable for everyone. Future content is possible, but not in the near future. Don't forget that devs don't own the game and it's still property of EA. As for Lord Cyrian players can get it vi booster or events.


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