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Found 3 results

  1. Dallarian

    Range small units balance

    I think range small cards are little inbalanced in game. Small ranger ---> Small, use crosbow/bow. 1. 1 orb: Shadow Forsaken: 3 dmg per second, skill that deal dmg, cost 50. HP 450 (i dont count snapjaws there) Frost Master Archers: 2,5 dmg per second. No skill. Cost 50. HP 600 Fire Sunstriders: 3 dmg per second, skill that disable builds. Cost 50. HP 360 Nature Windweavers: 5 dmg per second, atack 2 targets! Cost 70. HP 420 I know Frost is def race, but remember its ranger archer. No need hp i think. In defense on walls more useful atack than HP. And Fire offensive race, but what they have? Skill to disable builds for 10s, very low HP and simple 3 dmg per second... Nature have bigger cost, but 10 dmg per second (second target) not too good for 20 more cost? What you think about 1 orb rangers balance? 2. 2 orb: Shadow Darkelf Assasin: 4,8 dmg per second, skill for dmg, Cost 50. HP 450 Frost Defenders: 4,5 dmg per second, skill for 40% less dmg. Cost 70. HP 630 Frost White Rangers: 3,666 dmg per second, good skill dmg in defend (only for defend). Cost 70, need 2 frost orbs. 780 HP Fire none. Nature Spirit Hunters: 1,6 dmg per second and good poinson. Cost 75. HP 510 Bandits Commandos: 11 dmg per second, 15% lifesteal, skill for 50% lifesteal, 50% more dmg vs humans and cant be knocked/ 25% less dmg from ranged and magic atacks. Cost 80. 582 HP Frost units look more like tanks than range dps. Yes, its defensive race, and i think Defenders are good in it, but White Rangers 780HP? For what they need it? I think they should have more dmg (4-5). Bandits for me looks good, they need 2 different orbs, but it have very big dmg. And in my opinion Spirit Hunters should have more HP for atack-toxin-back strategy. What you think about this balance? Frost units not too tanky? Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere. Sorry for english ♥
  2. Asraiel

    Unit Promotion

    This is kinda an older idea thats been implemented in many rts games. the unit promotion system (hope i choose the right word) in games unis start normal then after killing of unit or building (destroying energy) they get promoted with a rank (most times up to 3) so theres commes the idea to implement such a system into BF (knowing of balance issues) so the ranks will be like: * = 5% more HP&DMG needs to kill 2x as much energy as the unit cost ** = 10% more HP&DMG needs to kill 5x as much energy as the unit cost *** = 15% more HP%DMG + 1% Heal every 3 sec needs to kill 10x as much energy as the unit cost those are just examples and yes such a system will change the balancing and have a big effect on gameplay i dont say implementing in all the game soall that stuff is open to discussion and even if you dont like it does no matter to me since its only an idea.
  3. Zolito

    Unit Limit

    Hey! Are you going to be able to summon more units or is the unit limit at the same? It would be cool to summon some more units maybe? Love You All

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