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Found 4 results

  1. Today, another useless poll. Two cards from the Skylords card pool where picked RANDOMLY. Through sheer HASARD the two selected cards are Wrathgazer and Lost Horror. Tell me what card you prefer and don't forget to vote in the pool May the best Crab win
  2. Eirias

    What Does "Kevin" Mean? [Poll]

    Sort of for fun, sparked by a conversation I had with YaBro0. What kind of person do you think of, when you think of a Kevin? Feel free to post any thoughts below I'm also writing a story about a generic Kevin, so curious how that would be received in other countries.
  3. Tell us how you purchased most of your cards by spending BF Points. Have you focused on using the marketplace, buying boosters (or tomes) for the most part?Did you go after specific cards predominantly by utilising the auction house?Or were you monitoring the chat to barter with players willing to part with their cards?
  4. Ilsyde

    [Poll] How old are you?

    There is already a topic asking forum members where they're from, but here is another interesting one that might provide some handy statistics of BFR fans. Which age bracket do you fall into? I tried to limit the options to only six. This poll is anonymous therefore your name won't be visible to the public. Feel free to specify your age below by commenting if you'd like.

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