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Found 7 results

  1. InsaneHawk

    Discord - Our new voice server !

    Hello Skylords ! I'm proud today to introduce our new voice server, that will be on Discord ! (and not on teamspeak anymore, as for now). Some of you may ask, what is discord ? Well, here's the 'little' description then Discord is a character from my little poney... uhm wait, that's wasn't what I wanted to say, let me start over. Discord Description Discord is a free voice over IP software that let you, talk, write, with people on a server. It's working as teamspeak or skype, but in a better way. You can join a discord server directly in a browser, but you can also download the free desktop app or phone one, to join your servers. You'll have to create an account to save the servers where you were invited, and all your settings if you wish to. Remember that this software is 100% (even for creating servers) and will always be. Why choosing Discord and not other softwares ? I'll let you check this image, It'll explain you everything needed How to join our discord server ? Well, it's going to be really easy, you can download the discord desktop app here : https://discordapp.com/apps Then once you downloaded it, and installed it, you can click on 'Join a server' and put this URL ? : https://discord.gg/0y3WGMGXhd5q2lXA It should look like this : And that's it ! Enjoy your stay on Discord ! and don't hesitate visit this page to learn more about the software and how it's working -> https://support.discordapp.com/hc For more information, you can check out @Kiwi's guide to Discord over here:
  2. I'd love a discord emote for #fikinews as a play on FakeNews but also for all of those asking for dev updates from normal members they can just reply with the emote cuz fiki always post the dev updates in the discord on mondays. would just be a cool lil thing to have
  3. Fala galera, cadê os brs aqui da comunidade? já existe um discord para discutirmos sobre o game? Se não tiver bora criar? Abras
  4. Fauchderial

    Fauch back ?

  5. Fauchderial

    ADS ???

    ADS TOPIC When I was talking on discord, noney and me have gotten an idea. Adding ads if donation isn't enough. Where to add ads and do we really need them ??? Suggestion is welcome !
  6. ThomasMann

    Giveaways on Discord

    Well as I don't want people missing out on this, there is a giveaway chat on the discord. So you can all check regularly on the discord as a giveaway may be on there in the near future, but I don't know. So yeah, so you forum checkers can see this and know that there, one is a discord and two may be giveaways on it for closed beta access. So yeah, good luck in the near future. Kind Regards, ThomasMann
  7. RainZy


    Hey, I know that I new however I am extremely excited to see that there is still life in this game! absolutely over the moon and i would like to contribute in any way i can! I would like to suggest opening a discord server for all of us to hang out on and even play games, I have read some posts on this forum and I noticed how happy and friendly everyone is here, quite different from how battle forge PVP was back then (Lots of salty kids, scammers etc). I have created a discord right now (I can transfer ownership of it to the Heads of the Project) and my goal is to get it VIP servers, I am pretty sure i can do that since I have some ties with discord. (IF ONE ALREADY EXISTS I APOLOGISE ~ Excitement hit me) Link: https://discord.gg/cEU42V4 What do you all think? What Channels do you want added?

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