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Found 6 results

  1. Blondais97

    Global chat doesn't work

    Hello! Global chat doesn't work also 0 players in player list.
  2. Kilian Dermoth

    Possibility to disable chats

    So there are some client modifications. Even the resizeable chat windows didnt exist, did they (at least I cant remember them)? There was always something that pretty much annoyed me (even back at ea times) about the chat system in Battleforge. It was that you werent able to disable some chat categories, especially the trading chat. For me the whole trading spam is completely irrelevant but also it is the most active category and sometimes it is even so worse that you almost see nothing else than trading spam. (Already set some of the worst trading spammers on the ignore list) My suggestion is to make it possible to block / unblock chat categories. It would be nice by clicking a button in the client if possible to add something like this to the client. But it would be also ok if it would be done server side, for example by typing something like this:
  3. jokersjokes

    New ingame Chat idea

    -Use one chat box, but have different tabs. It is easier that way to see whats going on and that prevents spamming to prevent you from seeing your chat. - Maybe that you can pull out the tabs do have more than one open. And drag them around. what do you think of that? Why? Because you can easly oversee stuff if the chat gets spammed in one box
  4. Enginenilla

    voice chat

    the original chat had many options like group, party, beginner and other stuff like that but mid game it was hard to tell your team member what to do and where to go and hard to plan attack or defense when needed. will there be any option to add voice chat to matches? It will really help communication and winning potential.
  5. Yogababa

    Talk about RTS

    so then, anyone have a present RTS game that they have been playing to fill in the blank that Battle forge left whenever it got canceled ???? or just a new passion in gaming in general?
  6. Asraiel

    Voice Chat

    i dont remeber but it would be nice if for pve, rpve and group pvp will be an ingame voice chat so tht you can better communicat in them under your teammates for better an more efficent teamplay. i dont remeber if such a things was in the origial BF

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