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Found 2 results

  1. NAME: The Soultree - Amii Monument trivialising wincondition DESCRIPTION: The map wincondition for "The Soultree" gets trivialised. This is no true bug, but a scripting and description error from old BF by giving an alternative wincondition to the map. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I already made some changes to new scripts (listed below for download) and tested them quite well. The only things changed are 1. how the monument counter works and 2. what the banishing/game ending triggers: The new mission counter (11103_01_07MonumentCounter) which counts monuments (duh...) doesnt use PlayerOrbAmount conditions anymore, instead the monuments (pl1_monument1, pl1_monument3, pl1_monument4, e_monument1, e_monument2) on the map are hard coded into the script. OnToggleEvents check if monuments are controlled for at least 30s (construction time of monuments) to increase the mission counter and also decrease the counter when a build monument (alive 30s min beforehand) is lost. Losing a monument in construction will correctly not affect the counter. The game ending is now triggered when the mission counter reaches 5. All checks for a correct value from the mission counter are in the counter itself. SCRIPTS: moon1.lua new lines 184 - 208 (replacing 184 - 209) goals.lua new lines 296 - 674 (replacing 296 - 538) Feel free to check my changes and try them out in a community version of The Soultree. Note: When depaking maps .xml files can get lost thus missionmarkers on the minimap as well as the map description will get lost too. These "bugs" have nothing to do with these scripts.
  2. DarkSpawnWar

    Solo Campaign: SoulTree not working

    NAME: Game throws an error and crashesSEVERITY: 1LOCATION: (1/4) Loading Screen, The SoulTree solo Campaign REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: Every time I try to load the level, the game starts loading. When the loading bar on the loading screen is about 1/4, it takes a few moments (~10-20 Seconds) before I get a pop-up error. Once I get this notice, the game crashes. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

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