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Found 8 results

  1. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    Here Is my not first, but the best drown art - Stone Warrior environment with snowy blowings. I had drawn on fascinating lecture... Then I did the grafic rework on phone app Autodesk (*No advertising ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*), here it is. Lower I post high resolution sketch version. I'll also include in the topic few more sketches, but they are not reworked.
  2. vladistick

    Avatar of frost fanart

    Someone suggested painting avatar of frost, so here it is. Next one is dreadcharger for sure. After that I'm not sure, perhaps I will make a poll later on.
  3. Hello Skylords Finally its done, today id like to participate in the BFR Contest --> FanArt. I just thought: well i cant draw, i cant program, cant compose and i have no experience of making a video. But i figured out that FanArt doesnt mean it has to be a picture, its just Art. So i decided to make THIS! (sadly i cant upload the pictures directly) http://imgur.com/a/WgFVj This sword weighs around 27 pounds, is made of steel and is 1,2 meter long. It is NOT sharp because of safety reasons. To create this blade it took me around 20 hours if i dont include the drying time of the varnish. On this pic you can see it without the varnish and that it is made of steel. Maybe you can see it, on the right there is my hand and i had problems holding it with only one hand cause its kinda heavy. http://imgur.com/a/1U801 How i made it: Sadly i have to admit that i never learned to use a forge. (which would fit even better). So i just took severel pieces of steel and welded them together, then i cuttet it into a raw shape. After that i grinded the whole blade, that was the most stressfull part of that. So i nearly cuttet, welded, grinded, bended around 18 hours until the form was finished. Then i get to the varnish part. That actually took the most time cause you always had to wait until its dry. I started with the grounding to make sure that the blade wont rust. Then i coloured the whole thing light blue. Waited again then used adhesive strips to protect the "arrow". Then came the black over all of that and then just removed the strips. To make sure that the Varnish wont go off i used clear coat to protect the colours. The last part was to use black duct tape for a better anti slip effect at the hold. http://imgur.com/a/YWT8x Now before you tell me what you think about that, i have to admit that im not soo happy with blue paint. In my opinion is has to be more bright. Also the spikes at the holder might not be correct. Well thats it from my side Thanks for reading that much text. See you in the forge
  4. Hello everyone My name Lukaznid, and I like drawing ✍. I've really gotten into drawing fanart for Battleforge since there was a competition for beta spots. I've decided to continue drawing them out of pure interest, mostly as a hobby. Do note that I am still a beginner and am still learning how to draw Anyhow I've posted updates for drawing into the chat, but I've decided on something a bit more permanent so that's why I'm opening this thread, to post my finished products and updates on how they're coming along here. Always happy to hear comments and/or critiques (especially those, you learn the most from them). Anyhow these are my creations thus far (being updated): DRAWINGS: - The forest elder http://imgur.com/mCnY7RJ As a background (as per request), all three resloutions and the original 6000x4000 (or something) can be found at the following link: http://imgur.com/a/QpCXW (album of every size) Added the BFR logo too. - The shadow mage http://imgur.com/e7M0b5t + (cropped with bfr logo) http://imgur.com/XjY7g7T - Spitfire (Frozen!) - Stone Tempest + (Stonekin) (Frozen!) - Skyelf Commander - Snapjaw (missing picture, I'll add it later, you can find it in the comments somewhere) - Juggernaut (yes I know this is Mo, in progress) - Northland Drake (First Photoshop project) SIGNATURES: (If you want a signature, send me a PM) Gheist My own (old) My current signature VeriiMoney Riviute Dallarian Goofs! (Photoshop and other nonsense) Boxing Juggernaut! To-do list: aka. Requests: ✎? VOTE HERE: [voting is finished for now] REQUESTS CLOSED ☑ - frozen, done for now | ✎ - being drawn, in progress | ☑ - completed | ☒ - request accepted, in queue! not yet complete. - Stone Tempest - Ultrakool ☑ - Skyelf Commander - (not by request, doing it because I want to , will still make the requests, just later) ✎ - Shadow mage - LagOps ☑ - Spitfire - Ladadoos ☑ - Forest Elder - (myself, entry into the beta competition) ☑ - Windweavers - JoseAlmeida ☒ - Juggernaut - Bionicreaper ☒ - Shadow Worm - Chimerae ☒ - Lost dragon - Treim ☒ - Spearmen - SilenceKiller99 (ULALA!) ☒ - Northland drake - Dallarian ☒ - Agressor/Grinder - EonBen☒ - World breaker gun - Kaliber 84☒ - Avatar of frost/Harvester - Lord Nullpointer (with support from Kaliber84) ☒ - Grinder/Deepfang - Keeper ☒ - Vileblood - Dzodin ☒
  5. Riviute

    Keep the hype up

    Hello, just a little suggestion from my side, not sure if this is a good idea. Maybe we can post on platforms like Facebook from time to time a fanmade work for skylords reborn. Posting some artworks from forum members, mentioning the creator to keep the people at this project. Or even to motivate some people to create something on their own?! Who knows...
  6. Dallarian

    Battleship for BFR Contest!

    I am joining BFR Contest in Fanart category. My "fanart" is screen of Battleship in game Space Engineers. Finally the first Battleship in the contest More information if you are interested: Category: Big ship Type: Heavy weaponed atmospheric big ship Class: DPF Battleship Projected by: Dyllarian's Production Facilities Main Engineer: Dallarian Secondary Engineers: none Name of model: unknown Status: Not practical (yet), missing gyroscopes, bridge, oxygen, crew rooms, antenna and many more. I hope you enjoy my ship! Thanks to Ladadoos for screens from Forge and to Dylann for high quality screenshots of ship.
  7. SirUmaga

    How i did my Harverster Fanart

    My Participation for the BFR Beta-Key Contest and the way how i got there I have chosen the harvester for my fanart for its pure awesomeness. Big Giant Souleating Demon!! After that I start Sketching on how i want to position him or how he should look. I am for a more muscular deadly version. Start giving him some Colour and I am happy with how he turned out! Looks like a young teenager Harvester Now about the Legs and surrounding. I made him a bit to skinny around the legs.. So i need to reshape a bit and give him a better legposture and making him a little bit more bulkier overall. As he is a XL creature. I thought of some hands or so coming out of the grounds (undead) getting summoned by the harvester, so i play with that idea on how to achieve that.
  8. I hate to make another topic for it, but I can't add a poll to the original one, so I guessed I'd just make another one. Anyhow, cast your votes! For the first round, I chose Windweavers - JoseAlmeida Stone Tempest - Ultrakool Juggernaut - Bionicreaper Northland drake - Dallarian Pick your favourite

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