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Found 3 results

  1. From all the main 4 factions, not including mixed (Bandits - Shadow/Fire, Stonekin etc..), Shadow is the only one with a single melee T4 unit - Overlord. All others have a fairly mixed selection pool when it comes to T4 units, where Shadow is predominantly ranged. Maybe a big undead/beast type unit would be fitting, similar to Forest Elder.
  2. The Corsair T3 Bandit unit provides 60% dmg buff to surrounding Bandit units, however Ravenheart and Raven Archwalker do not seem to count as such. Yes, they are a Neutral type card, however they are most clearly bandit units... if not Blight himself, who is more bandit 😄 I find this weird and I suggest they are tagged as such to be able to benefit from such buffs.
  3. Eirias

    PvP t4 fight

    Over the years, I've heard lots of people say they want to have t4 fights in pvp. Well, I made a map to test something else, but the result is a map where you can have a huge t4 fight. So go ahead and try it if you want, and then you will see that there is not really a point You can play this map by going to the Sparring grounds, then clicking community maps and selecting Paint Block Test. My map gives you t4 immediately, and there is an open fight. The other map where you can have a PvP t4 fight is called Maze of the Survivors. This map forces you to beat some PvE enemies first, so you will be t4 when you get to the other player. Either map will let you see that t4 fights are silly in PvP
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