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Found 3 results

  1. OOC: Greetings gentlefolk, and welcome to the BattleForge Roleplaying game. For rules, conditions, information on characters and factions, and how to participate in this game, please head to the RP signup thread over here: http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1744-the-battleforge-rp-signup/ Only participants may post in this thread. Any posts made by nonparticipants will be deleted without warning. Repeated voilations of this rule made by the same person may result in a warning for spamming. The current participants and their characters are: Araxes - Lost Dragon @MrXLink Avatrostkol - Avatar of Frost @anonyme0273 Bloodsucker - Nature-sided Shadow Worm @5MERTN1K Chronos - Stone Shard @Defqon Dzodin - Shadow Giant Slayer @Dzodin The Great Warrior of Justice - Defender @Malzawar Ish'Faithal - Timeshifter Spirit @DragonOfTime Kaylen Storm - Kobold Engineer @Eddio The Last Whisper - Forest Elder @Lukegriffin02 Xyalas - Promo Swamp Drake @Kiwi Vasdohr - Dreadcharger @veryhasted Alright, without further ado, let the RP begin… here’s your intro, be prepared to write yourself in. Remember to post at least once per week, at most twice per day! WARNING - This thread's recommended age for both reading and writing is 16+, as it may contain foul language, violence, blood, cruelty and potentially very dark themes/topics. This is a guideline and you may proceed as you wish, but be warned. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nyn… a world of wonder and warfare. A place of beauty and bloodshed, and for at least a few decades, a realm of peace and pride. Collaboratively, the elements of Fire, Nature, Frost and Shadow had fended off the destruction of the world seemingly ages ago. Some remember it clearly, others are faintly reminded by the songs being sung and poems being recited by all the troubadours today; about the clash between elements, about the vanquishing of the dreaded Twilight Curse, about the liberation of the souls, the terror and slavery caused by Shane Blight, and even about the rise of Rogan Kayle, the King of Lyr of the olden days. Brave Skylords fought for what was theirs, worked together to protect the Forge and the world of Nyn from despair and chaos. Perhaps the days of never-ending war were the better days for the sake of Nyn’s history and elemental coherence. With a shared purpose and objective, all the forces of Nyn seemed to forget about their differences and collaborated for the greater good. Once the Twilight War had been resolved, however, it only became more and more clear that this was a mere illusion. In fact, the aftermath of the War only made the elemental tensions worse, with each faction considering themselves to contribute most to Nyn’s liberation, denouncing their natural counterparts. The burning rage of the Fire tribes, blaming most of their losses on the cowardice and defensive attitude of the Frost Kingdom, whereas the Frost civilization blamed this on the Fire tribes’ reckless lack of strategic approach. The stunningly beautiful creatures of Nature felt insulted by the sacrifices the Shadow Empire made, destroying both themselves and their allies for the greater good, and corrupting the lands, whereas Shadow found this an insulting and impure matter. Nothing had changed for the better, but nobody was waiting for another war. This is why all the elements remained silent, but for how long… It was only a matter of time until the next conflict would break out. The oracles of Nature foresaw it for years, and the Lost Souls became restless, some even refusing to enter Ashia until the tension had been endured. The way in which the next conflict started, however, was a surprise to everybody. Within the same night, at the exact same time, Tyria, the Queen of Lyr and ruler of the Frost Kingdom, as well as Aerion, the sage and leader of Nature, were killed mercilessly and without a trace of any killer. Aerion having been poisoned by an incurable unknown substance in his afternoon tea, whereas Tyria was lost due to extensive blood loss from a wound in her chest, presumably caused by a large dagger of unknown origin. As could be expected, Nature immediately blamed the Shadow Empire for the death of their leader. Of course, what is more subtle and painful than getting poisoned in such a brutal way? This had to be the work of those undead bastards, seeking to get rid of us since the end of the War... or so the forces of Nature claimed. The death of Tyria could naturally only be caused by the Fire tribes, claim the citizens of Lyr and the kingdom of Frost. They had always despised Frost’s defensive strategies, blamed them on their losses and now found revenge by assassinating their bravest leader since Rogan. An aggressive, merciless chest wound could only be the cause of senseless, reckless violence, right? It would be straightforward enough to claim that Frost and Nature would ally with each other since they shared a similar fate… but this was not the case. After all, Frost had long been defiling the lands with industry, constructs and massive structures, and Nature has been blamed to be the cause of the chilling cold and merciless conditions in the Kingdom of Frost for the last three years… and Shadow and Fire had always despised each other for their lack of taste and different strategic approaches. Not everybody was single-minded about the war between factions and civilizations slowly began to fall apart. This meant war. War between Fire and Frost, war between Shadow and Nature, and perhaps war in general. Even the Skylords, being originally part of either of the four elements, were frowning at each other and using their powers against each other, biased by the ongoing conflict. The Gods were clearly not pleased by this, and threw every single Skylord into exile, denying them any access to the Forge of Creation, which was left to float within the heavens; empty, hollow and unstable. With nobody to trust and no divine protection, awareness sharpened and collaboration weakened. Collaborative tasks to protect the realm were abandoned due to factions not trusting each other well enough, and the tension still grows stronger every single day. Small, independent alliances and rivalries are formed, and creatures seem to focus so much on the war they pay little attention to the rest of Nyn. The situation is highly fragile and unstable, and the ongoing war has disrupted the balance between elements, causing the Forge to tremble… and as soon as there is a lack of attention, new opportunities may arise for those who have long been isolated, contained or silent. After all, Bandits could have a free domain these days, the world’s instability worried the Stonekin, and who was to guard the passageways to Akylos? An unthinkable, awful future is slowly drenching the world of Nyn into chaos… who could possibly be facing it?
  2. Due to a several number of people who would like to join the RP, I will select up to 4 players among them. (You will need to be active or you will be kicked out of the RP.) Rules are simple. I- You will have to create a character's sheet with the following instructions. Name: Class: Faction: Knowledge: What you're good at ?: Weakness: (at least 1) Experience: Description of your character: II- You will have 350 points to spend between the following abilities. (maximum 90 on each of them) Health (Start with 100 + number of point spent): Stamina (Start with 100 + number of point spent. Used for melee damage): Mana (Start with 100 + number of point spent. Used for magic damage): Agility (Chance to dodge an attack): [NEW] Intelligence (Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion): Power (abilities and/or spells up to 4) (name them): Expertise (Experience learned): Accuracy: [NEW] Dexterity (Steal, Stealth, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand): Social (Negotiation with seller, convincing): Parry (block attack): [New] Wisdom: (Animal handling, Insight, Medecine, Perception, Survival) [New] Charisma (Deception,Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion): [New] Strenght (Athletics): [New] Constitution: Strength, measuring physical power Dexterity, measuring agility Constitution, measuring endurance Intelligence, measuring reasoning and memory Wisdom, measuring perception and insight Charisma, measuring force of personality Describe your abilities and/or spells (depend how many power you have). And other things you can write ... Once you have finished your character's sheet, you can go at https://app.roll20.net/join/2313189/B2R78A Questions ? https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/3063-have-a-question-for-the-role-play-youre-at-the-right-place/ Progress ----------Chapter #1---------- The Dongeon Tiles Creation ==> 80% Maps progression ==>70% Script ==>DONE Bestiary==>5% -------------------------------
  3. As you all should know the Battleforge RP - The Elemental Clash has started again Due to some reasons in the past RP, I had to make a new character sheet (wich is allowed in the RP allrdy). However, if you have read the legend about my character in the character sheet. (If not, Read just below this) As you have read or know, my legend is telling about The Archos and The Creators (of wich NOTHING is known from). I was wondering if in the RP, I should make a story out of that legend as some kind of 'prologue' or a 'prequel' from the elemental clash? So that I will tell the entire story of Chrono battleing The Archos? Second of all, I was wonder if in the RP, I should make The Archos return somehow? 3rd: I was wondering if I should make a story about The Creators too? As nothing is known from them, I can literaly go ANY way with my story that I want, like making them some evil Mass Effect Reapers that actually wants to destroy the universe, or some kind of Creators from the movie "Transformers" Where they created the actuall transformers, but came back to destroy them because they built "mistakes", "failures", or make the creators some thing as a god like they made every creature in the universe or something but needs to cleanse them because of reasons. As I said, many ways I will definitly make a story ofc about The Elemental Clash wich will be the main story, but I was wondering if I should make those stories too. Also, ideas FOR those stories would be greatly appreciated.
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