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Found 4 results

  1. Archetype ability: 2 Orb creatures 2 Orb buildings (in progress) 2 Orb spells (in progress) 3 Orb creatures (in progress) 3 Orb buildings (in progress) 3 Orb spells (in progress) 4 Orb Creatures (in progress) 4 Orb Buildings (in progress) 4 Orb Spells (in progress)
  2. So this idea is very basic and straightforward but it could make it possible for the devs to easily create many "new(ish)" cards by adding affinities to every card (or even add all the 4 affinity types to every card). I could imagine a poll every once in a while with a few cards to choose from and that card would get a new version with an affinity. The community could even come up with ideas about the different special attributes a card could get. Let's say we vote for Contruct (because that's my fav unit) and a frost affinity. After that we could discuss what could be the special to that unit. For example it could have it's siege mode turned off but does extra dmg to frozen units. This way we would have the "normal" contsruct and a brand new with frost affinity. The possibilities are endless and I think it is so much easier to do than creating brand new cards from scratch. Pros: + Easier to create this than a brand new card - artwork, sound and everything is already done, only a copy/paste needed and some stat/attribute changing (I guess) + Varied deck building + Communitiy interaction Cons: - Balancing issues
  3. Hello there. Right to the subject: Stonekins are limited in T4 units for people who like to play one " nation " decks. i´ve been thinking what cards could fit this class, not every card is suitable for it. For example infected Grimvine doesnt feel right, etc. In order not to overthink it i found some easy and suitable cards that can be turned into stonekin ones. Those are, as in the screenshot shown: Fire Dragon or Northland Drake, Shadow Worm or Fire Worm. OR Abyssal Warder! he is already made of stone anyway. If you look closely at those cards they have already some scars or how do you want to call it which could make the redesign easier as an infection by the Stonekin. Northland drake, also has blue eyes already and might fit well to it. Amii Phantom is a basic copy from a Nightguard too, they didnt even change the voice, since it was the last new card added i think back then. and people like the card anyway. There are more important things to do, but when the time comes, please revisit this post. Have a nice day.
  4. Hi, Like the title say I think it will be very good to have news cards add to the game Comon ppl lest make this game GREAT AGAIN :D.
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