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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, since the old post is outdatet i start a new one. Same procedure as on the old forum: I created a Team: BattleForgeReborn with the tag: BaFoRe (BFR was already taken). Snicky made a club for us and promoted me to leader, there could be 50 ppl at the same time. Thx mate actually the team has space for 9 ppl and its filling quickly. I suggest you add eachother for practicing together. If 5 of the 9 ppl are online I suggest you can just play a game, dont wait for me =) That is what the team looks atm: Main Position LOL-Name(can be more ppl at once) Alternate position Top Groping / LOLXDEADLAMA ? / Adc Jungle Einarson Support Mid Silencekiller99 / RadicalX Top / Top Adc Snicky Top Supp Tommie Boy Zes Mid Please copy the lines and post your information in one line to safe space. List: BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Einarson Einarson Jungle/Mid EUW Gold 3, can flex roles theTED ted012 non special EUW Platin III/IV Lionheart Leonhart X Top/Jungle EUW Plat V/IV SilenceKiller99 SilenceKiller99 Mid/Top EUW Silver II ???? Snicky adc/top EUW ???? RadicakX mid EUW ???? Groping Top Un1cornPower LOLXDEADLAMA Top>/Adc>/Jungle EUW Unranked I can support if I have Sion or tresh anonyme0273 Anonyme0273 Mid/Top EUW Die2Play DannyDin Jungle EUW ???? Tommie Boy Zes Support/Mid EUW
  2. Hey Guys, i know there is already a thread about it, but i want to make a new one, to make it clearer. For all of you who play LoL, you can post here your Ingame Name, so other player here can invite you. I will keep it updated. Just write down your Ingame-Name, your region, and your role, which you prefer to play. Maybe we can found a Battleforge Reborn Clan on LoL List: BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments Drezrak Klombor Top/Support EU West german, lvl 30 Azta MeHaza Top/Support EU West inactive last year Marco3104 Marco3104 Top > Jungle > mid EU West german, Diamond, Riven Main Treim Zagrem Top, Jungle EU West Diamond V (62% winrate) RadicalX RadicalX Mid EU West EranShoval Lee Śin (EUNE) Lee Sin Everywhere veryhasted Switchard (EUNE) Jax Everywhere SilenceKiller99 SilenceKiller99 Everywhere EU West Silver Ultrakool ultrakool ADC EU West unranked Atlas who held the world Darckhuman Destroy everything Brazil WotdeFack WotdeFack bottom EU West mostly kennen and malzahar Extenessis Extenessis everywhere EU West inactive last 2 yearsWannaBeSheep TCM Glubbale support EU West
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