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Found 2 results

  1. I know that this might sound weird, but I know some antivirus programs might get it wrong, but I didn't have an issue with this and I've scanned the file, but my friend who recently tried to download it had his 360 Total Security claim that it contains a Trojan... If this could be answered I could easily put his fears to rest :)
  2. Hi dear skylords and skylordins (xD), it came to my ears that there must be a few skylorderies out there who have problems with me, be it personally or about my attitude...or even just because of some kind of a language barrier...or just a bad image of me as a person. Right now I would like to fix this issues, not only but also because I would like to work as an artist for the team (and NO that does not mean that those borders everyone hates *hust sarcasm* will be implemented. thats still a personal project), and they don't hire people that have such a negative position in the community. So all of you skylordrizies...feel absolutely free to contact me...in this thread or PM This one should be all about fixing this issues, as long as it takes. Also the staff members are invited to join! NOT GRABBING FOR ATTENTION AS SOMEONE ALREADY MENTIONED...AND I ALSO DONT CARE ABOUT RE REPUTATIONS Greetings to all out there...be the power of the deck be with you..."oh wait thats another game" xD
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