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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! Im working on a map called Restoring Lyr and its my first map ever so im still learning it all, but now im kind of done with the "core" work of the map, still alot to be done but for me to continue im gonna need some testing and help from other players. So if you want feel free to download it in community maps and try it and report the bugs/errors or suggestions to improve it! Its a 2P map with defend/attack elements Whats being worked on: Cyan = Worked on continuously Done = Added to the map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Difficulties - Currently only one diff but will add /standard/Advanced/Expert (This will be the highest priority after the "core" of the map works fine) Map design - terrain/cliffs/textures/props/audio etc Balancing - exploits/missed blocking/more or less enemies?/to hard or easy?/waves/quests/monuments and power wells. Add more objectives at the north to put some pressure to get there in time, maybe some defence. Reworking the North with new quests and more content Add translation for german/russian/french Add more Outcries Updates - Just updated! 21-09-27 So please if you try it send me a message on the forum or ingame mail and give some feedback whats good or bad. I wanna be able to polish it as best as i can so the next map will be even better. I want to continue the PvE Campaign story and maps 🙂 Thanks for all the feedback! /RookieN
  2. Already we passed 3 tournaments, next one will be in next week. I guess that there were many bad things that you didn't liked or hated in organization, rules, preparing and other. Please post here everything what were wrong with optional how to improve it. Thanks for your feedback! @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl @Ultrakool @anonyme0273 @Valaraukar
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