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Found 3 results

  1. Connection Failed? Images taken of random "Successful load" after several login fails, and then I decided to wait after 4 or so tries of login fail error saying "Connection Failed", and 8 hours later or so...it finally let me in the game from a sudden last login attempt and it launched SUCCESSFULLY! (Coding a game can be so difficult, especially if things get mixed up and they can't debug issues that make logging in difficult. Smite MOBA, by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge also had login issues, and account creation bug errors, but they've managed to fix most of them up to now...) I ended up with a "Successful Load," along with active Windows Defender Security, and Task Manager files relating to Battleforge in their clearly proper evident spots, without interference from loading improperly. This may have been luck, but so far so GOOD! The game may give login difficulties at random that's not the players fault, but could be the receiving end of the developers servers instead. This game is in Beta, so if things don't workout right away, it's possible it's just a matter of patience, waiting for patches of error bug fixes, and figuring out if it's you're end, or just a matter of waiting for the developers to fix an unknown error bug. It's possible that eventually the problem will occur again, in which case it might not work as well to wait because I may have gotten lucky. If so, then it could only seem to be I would have to redownload the game in proper order "without mistakes, and with security turned off during redownload if truly necessary." A redownload meaning wiping clear everything Battleforge files related, and starting fresh and with every possible prevention avoided. In which case if the login with everything done perfectly, still failed...then it would likely be an error bug or server issue on their end, that's just a matter of patience until they spot it or can fix get to fixing it. Images below here show: - Windows Defender Security active, and still successfully launched the game... - How to launch the game through the "SkylordsRebornUpdater App file..." - Task Manager without Battleforge related files running in strange places... ( Finally, 2 images show me in the game, GOING NUTS WITH LAUNCH SUCCESS, IMMEDIATELY SMASHING on the legions of armies to be summoned!!! Hope they get to do more with this, or do a new version of it as their own game possibly "Kickstarter Funded" with quality game design plans worth investing in!) The community in Battleforge has always been awesome, and most the time very forgiving to newb learners! Can't wait for official release, OMG OMG OMG!!! LOLOLOL, it is here! This must be a DREAM! (Important Link below of previous comments before this, and leading up to this thread...)
  2. NAME: "Connection failed!" when trying to login, and not being able connect again SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Login screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Error appears, if you happen to enter your password or login wrongly (typo or just improper, whatever). If that happens, then even when you write proper login/password you will still get the "Connection failed!" message instead of "Invalid Account or Password! Please, wait 3 seconds before signing in again" when you do it the first time (write wrongly) (btw, the "Login" button doesn't grey out even the first time). Also when you try to login second time the "Connection failed!" message will appear after game freezes for about ~5 seconds. So: steps to reproduce it are >Start game >Enter wrong password/e-mail >get the "Invalid Account or Password! Please, wait 3 seconds before signing in again" message >write proper Account or Password >Get the "Connection failed!" message and blocked entrance. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 'Hotfix' - enter your password on the first try, either restart your client, if you happen to enter the wrong one. Logs are Added (notes for logs) Related bug reports: (literally same cause and i think they are related directly) SCREENSHOT: none log.txt _launcher_log_2019.09.12_49.log _launcher_log_2019.09.12_47.log
  3. When i try to remove example for my Crystal fiend.. i wanna sell this card so i go to remove upgrade and i click to yes and it dosent work no error message.. need help pls
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