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Found 2 results

  1. NAME: Mind Control Stonekin Grinder damage switcheroo DESCRIPTION: In the Campaign Map Bad Harvest 2nd difficulty, when you Mind Control a Stonekin Grinder top right map corner he still tanks damage for "now" enemy units. he doesnt tank damage for allied units. https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Mind_Control REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Play position 3 as to get to the right side of the map. play until you are t4. stomp top right. Mind Control the Stonekin Grinder Unit. Watch him die because he still protects "now" enemy units. Even after seperating him and then joining vs other emey units he wasnt spawned arround he still tanks dmg from the wrong units. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - LOG: [This is really important. Attach/upload your log file! This provides us with the data we need to fix your problems. You can find your log in the Documents/BattleForge/Diag directory as _log_proxy_latest.log if you didn't restart your game yet, _log_proxy_0.log if you restarted your game once, _log_proxy_1.log if you restarted your game twice, and so on. If your game crashed, please also include the crashdata.mdmp.] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: possible fix. do the same you did with the buffs now affacting mind controlled units. but for grinder, so he soaks dmg from player units instead of enemy npc units. After Mindcontrolling Stonekind Grinder he should stop soaking dmg from enemy units and start soaking dmg from allied units. ALTERNATE SOLUTION: make him not being able to be mind controlled 😄 _log_proxy_0.rar
  2. I am opening this topic to bring up a suggestion for changes to mind control/ swap with the goal of making it more fair in PVP scenarios as the ability to create unbound units and effectively insta-kill an opponent's unit makes creating larger units very risky in matchups against any shadow splash or double nature as there are simply not enough consequences for swapping and swap-backs/interceptions are arduous and often impossible: (especially for shadow nature who can easily intercept swapped nightguards) This is especially important for factions who cannot take the unit back on their own! The Suggestion/Idea: Swapped/Controlled units will bind power according to their original cost and the player who initiates swapping gets only the difference back as void power: instead of receiving all of the immediately power into his void pool. Once the swapped unit dies or gets swapped again the other part of the difference is returned to the void pool. This PVP focused idea would enable swapping to become less of a "insta-kill plus mind control" and turn it into an actual exchange by making said player gain void power like normal when the swapped unit dies or is swapped back. The original owner will experience it the same as it is currently; as if it the unit died. But if they can take it back they get a free unit instead, adding risk to swap. This would respect power levels fairly as currently unbound units are exceptionally powerful and it creates the situation where swapping is worth it for almost all expensive units. The main goal is to make it less imperative that a player kill unbound units and decrease how often mind control or swapping occurs. I am not aware of any effects that simulate what is mentioned and thus it may well be unimplementable but I'd like to earmark this topic as an "ideal" if one day it can be implemented. It does seem quite desirable and fights the "swap everything large" gameplay we have today. Explanation of my initial idea for mechanics: (I don't think this can be implemented as far as I know) As for PVE: What do swappable units actually cost for orbs & power cost? Part of me thinks this wouldn't affect PVE at all but it depends on this aspect.
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