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Found 4 results

  1. One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  2. Different kind of booster with different costs and types
  3. Hello community! Its been some time since the open stress started and I was able to play and open some boosters. So I am interested what you have packed so far! I packed myself following nice: 2x Lost Honor & 2x Spirit Ship & 2x Lost Dragon 2x Ensnaring Roots Soulhunter Inferno Amii Monument & Jorne Skycatcher Primeral Watcher and Firedancer omg Greetings Leo
  4. NAME: Boosters not working properly SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Booster/Inventory REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Boosters seem to functioning incorrectly. Here are some weird things I've noticed: - Tutorial cards do not seem to get added to your collection, maybe this occurs with other cards as well, I'm not sure. Here in the screenshot you can that despite opening Master Archers from the booster, they were not added to my collection. - Drop rates for some cards seem too low. For example, I only drew one wind weaver from 400 packs. - The ratios for
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