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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, Description: Both buildings interact with own power wells, but the Resource Booster cannot be build if no own power well is nearby. To streamline this, either : 1) remove this restriction from Resource Booster, or 2) add the restriction to both cards and make adjustment to the tooltip, mentioning this exclusive play out restriction. Reasoning: Option 1 allows players to also place the resource booster anywhere, if they require a building for ground presence or proximity healing and have no other building in their deck. Option 2 prevents any use of the buildings besides th
  2. Hey, Description: The second part of the effect, namely preventing repair of damaged structures during the effect does not work consistently. Reproducibility: Spells that grant repair always continue to remain useable on affected structures. Additionally the repair button is not greyed out and can be clicked. Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  3. Hey, Description: The second part of the effect, namely preventing application of Ice Shields during the effect does not work consistently. Reproducibility: Tested against: Mountaineer and Avatar of Frost, always fails to disable their automatically regained Shield. Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  4. Willzapper has a similar restriction for enemy wells (for information if the restrictions would be removed)
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