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  1. 6 minutes ago, Endorian2 said:

    And what if you've got this perfectly the same but the game won't start? Like for ever..?

    I've got all steps done like it should but i have a very specific case here. At first attempt the game launched, letting me patch up & try to log in. While typing my username, the client just randomly stopped and went back to my desktop. After relaunching it, i saw the log in screen again, but imediately it went back to my desktop (again). I tried to relaunch the game again, but i can't! My updater just randomly deleted it self from the files they were put in. I've got everything as listed above, except for the 'SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe' file.

    Any tips to solve this?

    This is a problem of your Anti-Virus application.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Wondestarc said:

    ok guys, i just noticed, and just wanted to pay safe, sooo:

    In the lower right of the launcher is a Server Adress statet, saying !

    are we all trying to connect to localhost? which is in fact, not possible?

    Server address itself is probably Port 1399. That's where we're connecting to. :)

  3. I think, the patchnotes will be published in English. The client itself will be coming out with English, French and German if I recall correctly.

    Maybe we can get some Mods to translate the patchnotes in French and German when they really need it. But I think, most people at the age of 13 are already studying English.

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