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  1. tiMMeL

    PvP Player

    Unfortunately not. I used to have him in Skype of course but it seems he either deleted his account or deleted me from his friends list. I still had him on there a couple years ago though.
  2. tiMMeL

    What deck did you play?

    Pure Shadow, later on S/S/F because T3 Pure Shadow was not justifiable anymore.
  3. tiMMeL

    Opening Tournament

    I'd like to join in on the 1v1 tournament at least. If there's a past top 20 player looking for a partner for 2v2, hit me up!
  4. tiMMeL

    PvP Player

    Hey guys, anyone remember me? I played pure shadow, I was never one of the best but I was top 20 1v1 pretty consistently with one short stint in the top 10 that lasted only a few days. I played a lot of 2v2s with Circadia (British guy who wrote some forum guides and was kind of a community figure) and also some 2v2s with DragonDampfi. Unfortunately I don't quite remember when I was active, I lost interest after a while, but I think it was around 2010. Would be nice to catch up with some of you guys. I saw that at least Dampfi is here, so hey man. I still got you on Skype bro, we should talk some time.

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