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  1. Cararasu

    Card rotation

    @YaBro0You are totally right. If there is a free rotation of cards you probably won't use the free cards in a serious decks. They are simply inferior to the upgraded ones and they alone might not do much good. I agree to your point. What I meant was, that such a system would be purely to show (new) players what cards exist and to experiment with them. A serious deck, would not work with them, but it gives players ideas about combos and maybe evem new decks. I do not disagree with what you said YaBro0 I just wanted to mention that the discoverability of cards would probably be the (main) purpose of such a feature. So yeah. It is probably not worth doing, because it does not provide much additional benefits.
  2. Cararasu

    Card rotation

    And additionally the free rotation is done, to allow people to test out new cards, that they might want to try out. If they like them, they can later buy them from the Auction House. To immediately put them in a PvE or PvP deck would probably not help you win more, but it allows you to test different combinations. It also takes a lot of the risks away from buying cards, because the card may already have been on the free rotation and you can play around with it to see if it fits into a deck. Yes that might be true, but that does not mean you can immediately play a champ in LoL well. You still have to get familiar with a character and the free rotation is to give people the chance to try out champs, and find out which one to buy next. The free rotation in battleforge would serve the same purpose. Let people try cards for free. That they are not immediately the best variants is in my eyes no big issue.
  3. Cararasu

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from Austria and 23 years old. I started playing Battleforge with a few friends when it came out and loved it. The innovative gameplay and the mix between a TCG and an RTS instantly hooked me in. I made a few maps back then, but never really published them. I was actually quite active in the german mapmaking forum. It was a really sad day for me when I heard that they would shut the game down. A few days ago a friend of mine told me about this project and I was instantly hyped. I really wanna play Battleforge again!!! In real live I'm nearly a BSc in software engineering so if you guys need any help in regards to programming I should have time apart from my studies.

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