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    Running Skylords Reborn on Linux (Mint, btw ... wish me luck ...)

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  1. welp ... all it does, see attached picture:
  2. Make Linux Great! (j/k, I also have a Windows10 machine ...)


  3. hoj, Linux Mint 20 on this machine not sure if I entered the wine32 commands correctly. there is a .wine32 folder in my own home/name/ folder. edit: will be back after I hopefully did everything right next edit: I seem to have a 64bit install at /.wine32 ... wtf? how?! and how do I fix that? yet another edit (yae): I think I did it, setting up a wine purely x86 but I'm not sure. welp, the Updater still won't start, and it sends my terminal into ... well, into what? (see attached image)
  4. Hi Mr Global Moderator Ultrakool, sir!

    Just wondering if you had any pointers? To get it running on Linux Mint, I mean? I already installed the VC++ redist, but yet to no avail ...

    Kind regards,


    1. Ultrakool


      Hello have you checked out the Mac thread? I also replied to you on discord

    2. MIB4u


      yeah, was very hyped ... ^^"

  5. Make Linux Great! (j/k, I also have a Windows10 machine ...)

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