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  1. Hi, I am also an old battleforge veteran. Though I played mostly 2v2 back then, and some 1v1's. (But I wasn't really good, probably just average). I loved playing pure frost, shadow / frost or shadow / shadow. I didn't really mind the t1 differences back then, well atleast not on my elo. I simply played and when I lost really hard, I would look into the forum, like "How to play as X vs Y". These t1 changes are surely well-thought and probably needed, but maybe they aren't the best start to get more players to play pvp. (Though, Maybe green would like an "Ice Barrier", which grants immu
  2. Hello, I am also an veteran from 2009-2010~ and I have just read your discussion above, about calling it skylord reborns and not battleForge and so on. I have only one suggestion for that, and thats the BFP. What do they reference for now? In the FAQ or the "All-You-Need-To-Know" Thread, its always only called: "BFP" (which is smart). If you call them "Battle Forge Points", is it maybe smarter to call them "Skylord Reborn Points" ? (SRP) or "Skylord Forge Points" (SFP) ? Just my 2 cents.
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