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  1. I'm curious what lead you to this solution instead of slightly modifying existing solutions in other games? This is not supposed to be a judgemental response, I'm really just curious. As far as I understand it, your goals are to have hardcore and non-hardcore players earn BFP at roughly the same rate, although not completely locking out rewards for players that play more than others. Also, you can and will not implement any real-money solutions. You want to keep quests and reward time spent playing. To me, all of this seems like it is basically a textbook example of implementing a solution similar to what Hearthstone does: 1. Let players earn BFP by winning/completing matches/scenarios (or simply just by playing the game, similar to this playtime and reserve system) (I am aware that the former solution would need to be very carefully balanced according to difficulty and time played as to not essentially force players to play PvP over PvE or spam low level scenarios to grind BFP, but I think that is not necessarily impossible to achieve) 2. Give players (insert number here) quest(s) per day, up to a maximum cap. Allow quests to be stacked while not playing. This keeps the same BFP/Quest rewards as well as providing a straight catch-up mechanism for less-frequent players. In Hearthstone, you get 1 Quest each day with a value of somewhere between 20-100 Gold (more gold = more rare), and each booster costs 100 Gold. You can stack up a maximum of 3 Quests, so for quests it makes no difference whether you play 1 quest/day or 3 quests every 3 days. Winning 3 PvP matches earns you 5 Gold (I think?). In very rare cases (like new expansions or special events), there will be special quest (/-chains) that just reward packs (or cosmetics) directly. Of course, these numbers are heavily downtuned in order to get players to spend real money, but a system like this could be adjusted to fit a completely free approach. Essentially, your main source of BFP in this case would be quests. Personally, I think the combination of 1 Quest/day and some non-quest gameplay (say, in total, about 2 hours) should always equal roughly 1 booster. With the right balance, this would still keep hardcore players slightly ahead of everyone else (which, tbh, is a good thing in my opinion, else it is just unrewarding/pointless to play the game more), but not completely lock people out who may only be playing 2 or 3 times a week. If you would decide to reward winning/completing instead of simply playing matches, this would also remove some ways to abuse the system (e.g. going into a match and just tabbing out for 90 minutes). What are your thoughts on this? Have you thought about altering the quest system or rewarding winning instead of just playtime?
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