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  1. Smire

    Towards a better PvP new player experience

    Didn't realize that, thanks I will have a look
  2. Smire

    Towards a better PvP new player experience

    I don't remember if there was any PvP tutorial, if not and if it's possible maybe it would be a good thing to implement one. I focused on PvP from the beginning until the end and one thing that I needed weeks for to realize was the importance of the void energy system and energy management at all. What helped me most was watching the replay of every single game I lost in the view of my opponent to see what I did wrong and I think that is hard to explain to a new player (learning curve and stuff) so wouldn't it be best to have a guided match against a basic AI? The bot wouldn't need any tactics or something, it's more about getting the view into the differences between PvE and PvP: Not building all wells and monuments just because you can, micromanagement (damn, I've never seen any game where it was this important!) and countering usual tactics. Even better would be a teacher/student systems over the forums but I am not sure how many people would use that. Would also depend on the player base. If it's just us old bf palyers who want to join and there are almost no new players at all - that would at least solve the problem of a tutorial
  3. Smire

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I am Smire, 24, Germany. I used to play BF from beta until the end (with some pauses). Mainly PvP, some PvE as well. I don't remember everything but I remember being about rank 100 at the end - no idea how good or bad that is since I have no idea how many people actively played when the game was shut down I am absolutely hyped... I check the forum for exciting news every day - not sure what I am expecting - but hope dies last See you on the battlefield!

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