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    We need your feedback on the current "Open Stress Test"

    Hello Dear Devs, I was cheering when I´ve found out about your efforts, to bring BF back to life :) I was late to the party back then, when it was running on the long gone EA servers. So I was really happy to take your updated version for a little spin; and I am totally suprised. I just tested a bit in "The forge" and did the first "tutorial" mission. I did not encounter any bugs, freeezes or slow-downs. To me, everything looked pretty well and normal! only thing (maybe an issue, maybe my fault): when throwing more units to the field, they normally get automatically added to designated groups, if I am not mistaken. I think somehow in the end this fails two times, when I was reaching near the max. army limits. The new added units were not assigned to a group. And sometimes I got the feeling, when selecting a group (1,2,3) and assigning a destination for it, the AI does not allways start to find a good paths. when moving units "manually", it works better. but again - this can be arising because of my own mistakes ;) anyways - it is awesome, you guys got this far already and I really hope the best, for a "final" release any time soon. when it´s clear, that there won´t be any more resets, I´will dedicate more time to this awesome game and of course donate for your service. keep up the good work! Cheers, Elo

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