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  1. It just crashed again. It happens often when I host 2v2 Unranked games. I go to search players screen, invite players, and then try to go back to the game, but instead I see the join game screen. This time I right clicked on my user id to try to remove myself from my own group, but then the game crashed. See logs. _launcher_log_2020.03.15_634.log crashdata.mdmp log.txt
  2. Too bad Well, I hope you find the regular card somewhere or just create a new card.
  3. Kubik, Assuming you can't find the regular "Lord Cyrian" card, would it be possible to add the promo "Lord Cyrian" to boosters with odds of Ultra card (5% chance) instead of promo chance (0.5%). Lord Cyrian is a fun card to play with so it is a shame that the vast majority of players cannot play with it. That needs to change......
  4. Any response to the above ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I looked but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  6. There was a regular (upgradable) "Lord Cyrian" card. I owned 20+ of them in 2013, lol. It must be hiding somewhere. I hope you can find it. It's very fun unit to play with.
  7. Understood. By the way, where is the "Lord Cyrian" card? I only see the promo card in the AH but not the regular card. Why isn't it out there? Same question about "Santa" card, I don't see it anywhere.
  8. 10 minutes for PvE, just like it is today, and 7 minutes for PvP (since PvP games are shorter). The quest can require two matches just like it is today for campaign PvE but then it should be 100 BFP or more. I also think that new, and more involved quests that give a booster as a reward would be more exciting. For example, the quest could be - "Play 4 Campaign PvE or Random PvE matches, one with pure nature, one pure frost, one pure fire and one pure shadow" to receive one booster. You can then make variations of such quest. It would be even better to have similar ques
  9. Kubik, So how about a quest that similar but a little different. The quest would be - "Play any type of game with Nature/Fire combo" or "Frost/Shadow combo" for 75 BFP. Such quest will encourage players to play with different decks.
  10. So how is the new card going along? Any plans to release it soon?
  11. Kubik, Would you be OK with a new quest that require players to play with 50 different cards instead of 100?
  12. So it looks like nobody else can play. I hope you can solve this problem soon.
  13. The game keeps freezing when trying to start a game on both my computers. I can login with no problem, check my mail, post cards on the AH and so on. But when I click on "start game" either PvP or Campaign the game freezes and a few minutes later I get the "connection lost" message. Was the game updated in the last 24 hours? Here are the logs. _launcher_log_2020.03.09_582.log log.txt
  14. It sounds to me that your main objection is for playing such high number of cards. So how about making it 70 unique cards, or even less than that if you wish. It will encourage players to play with different decks, and give them one extra booster every 3 days at most.
  15. Kubik, I consider myself as an average player (since I easily lose every game against an expert player). I play one hour a day and get a new booster every day as well as 75-150 BFP a day for completing one or two quests. New players can buy many good common cards with their BFP for 3-5 BFP for each card. I already have 300+ cards in less than 2 months including FireDancer, and Avatar which I bought with BFP (cost me a fortune). It's true that it would take a week or two for new players to assemble 100 playable cards. Initially they will have to create 7-8 decks (
  16. Kubik, I accumulated more than 100 cards after one week by playing one hour a day. New players get extra booster after 10 quests and then another booster after 20 additional quests, so they are compensated for the beginning while they accumulate their cards. As I said earlier, completing a 75 BFP quest will allow them to buy 25 new cards in the market for 3 BFP each. They can also sell rare cards from their boosters to get extra BFP to buy cheaper cards. Therefore after one week new players should be able to compile 5 different decks that each has 20 different cards.
  17. Kubik, It's really simple. to achieve playing with 100 cards players need to build 5 different decks which is easy to do and easy to track. It's easy to play all 20 cards in RPvE or Campaign PvE (only physically played cards would be considered). For new players such games can take 30-60 minute per game. So if a player plays 2 games a day on average, then he would achieve this quest on the third day. The reward is a booster, so winning that after 3 days is reasonable. New players can easily accumulate 100 cards by buying common cards in the market for only 3
  18. This should be a quest. A player will have to play with at least 5 different decks and play all cards in each deck to achieve this quest. So that is at least 5 different games where minimum play time for each game is 5 minutes. So I would say that expert players could achieve that in 45-60 minutes where average players such as myself could complete that in 3+ hours. I play one hour a day, so for me it would take 3-4 days before I complete this quest. This quest won't show every day because we have other quests that show up randomly. Therefore this quest would appe
  19. I noticed that many players stick to the best cards and as a result many cards are not being used that often. That is too bad since many of these fairly unused cards are fun to play with thanks to their special abilities. Therefore I would like to suggest the following new quest: "Play with 100 different cards" where only 5+ minute games will be considered for this quest. I would also suggest making this quest very desirable by giving a booster as a reward for this quest.
  20. No, I wasn't aware this unit shows on some maps. In any case, my question was more of a general one. Do you have the capability to take existing unit/card and change its size assuming it is not showing on any maps and there is no impact on PvE gameplay.
  21. Looks very cool. Do you have the ability to change unit size from Medium to Large and so on? Since this "Bandit Sniper" is Era 3 unit, it would be cool if it would be a Large size unit.
  22. That's not too bad. Well, I hope you will be able to get into it soon.
  23. How hard would it be for you to turn some of the unpublished internal cards into real cards we can play with? I am sure some are easier than others, so I am referring to the easier ones.
  24. Kubik, Thank you for the clarification. So the game has 5000+ internal potential cards but in reality we have 520+ cards in the game. I wasn't aware of the internal cards that weren't published. By the way, I don't count promos because they are duplicates of existing cards fully upgraded and fully charged. In fact, I don't think we should even count duplicated affinity cards. I say that because Players usually choose the card with the best affinity and ignore the other affinity card. The question is, how hard would it be for you to turn some of the unpublishe
  25. Kubik, According to these links from the original game there are 528 cards total: https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Twilight_(1st)_Edition_Cards - 201 cards https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Renegade_(2nd)_Edition_Cards - 125 cards https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Lost_Souls_(3rd)_Edition_Cards - 130 cards https://battleforge.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Amii_(4th)_Edition_Cards - 72 cards Can you please show me what other cards we have? I haven't seen any new cards that are not included in the links above.
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