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  1. Randuin

    Current Proposal: PvP Rewards (AOT rPvE)

    Well just yesterday I got my ass whooped because I had no more charges in frostmage, that feels way more terrible than an actual mistake I make in macro/micro play. Fun fact if you make guns of lyr speed runs you have your entire deck u3 in 3-5 hours. (at least in a frost/fire deck w/o mounteneer) Per game 10.000g+ > 15 min with loading screen =120.000g in 3 hours Many of the potential pvp players are pve players. I just think we should give this kind of player a reward they actually need, or maybe some kind of tokens with whom you can buy account bound cards. But I don't think people should get only Gold bc most player don't need it at this point.

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