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    We are waiting now for 5 years. We will survival a few days longer without it.  
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    the reason why t4 is not wort its bound power is more simple:
    first of all the hp of orbs and monuments in bafo do not scale into the game this is really important vbecause destroying them is the way to win
    after realizing this the second step is to realize that the unitpower/energy quotioent increases over the tiers (a t1 unit has worse attack and hp/ energy than a t2 or t3 unit does)
    a long time ago i approximated the energy wich u have to play in t2 to pay out the 150 orb cost to ~200 power. I dont really know if this is mathematicly correct (if someone has to much time he could check it :D)  but it genereally means a t2 unit doubles a t1 unit in  combat power. u need to keep this in mind when rushing a t2 since u havet to pressure the enemy to spend energy inefficient in order to keep up with the raw power t2 units bring into the field.
    well the unit power / unit cost  quotient scales way harder when comparing t2 to t3, meaning when a t2 unit is much stronger than a t1 unit a t3 unit is way way much more stronger than a t2 unit .
    this means if u want to stay t2 vs t3 u pretty much have to kill a orb or multiple wells to stay in a game xD.
    in addition t3 provides a lot of finishing options (jugger, sandstorm, tremors, cultmaster/ anti sepll aura (forgot its name))  wich where really hard to defend (i´n gneral!!! everyone knows timelessone but whatever). One of many parts is the 2k hp of wells /3k hp of orb wich i mentioned earlyer.
    while in t1 a well attacked by 100 power lives like 25  secs in t3 a well attacked by 100 power lives like 8 secs? this means as soon as u loose the tempo fight on the battlefield by spending 300 energy to build a t4 u will get crushed u will not have the time to spend ur energy in t4 long enought to make it worth
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