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  1. yeah i can create a list and put it into the quest thread. thanks
  2. I didnt read the whole thread but here is one more idea for the progression system: Infinite quests per day. There are like 30, 40 different quests which contains pvp tasks and maybe something like "selling a card for 100 bfp" and they will repeat over and over again with minor changes. If it is possible they can be generated in way like "play 2 games for 1 booster" to "play 10 games for 3 booster" and so on. The quests will have different difficulties or time consumption. Therefore you can have different random percentages. What i mean with that: Difficult / more time conusming tasks are less than the easy. With that you get more variety in the existing quests. The other really important part is that there have to be more different quest. I mentioned at the beginning a quest "something like selling a card for 100(?) bfp". With this quest you can get players into trading cards (in the auction house). Many players are bored of the pve quests there existing. I have to say that these are normal pve quests and they shouldnt be changed but there should be more different. Maybe a quest where you have to play a specific map (in a selected difficulty) or play with the same group twice. You can even have a quest like "play with a pure frost deck" in combination with other quests. For pvp: "play 3(?) pvp matches". The requirement of absolving this quest could be: play pvp matches, you only have to play not to win and stay 5 minutes in every of these pvp matches in order to preventing skip through the quest by starting and instant leaving the match. The time should be a little bit lower than the average pvp match time. It is really important that quests can be combined. Sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand me. You can have even more quest types as i listed. You just have to think about what you can do in this game. It is also important that the quests and even "only" matches give you an adequate reward. Besides that bug and stability fixing of client and server are as important as the game concept and the good-feeling playerbase.
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