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  1. Satzgubble

    Boring for beginners

    The whole discussion does not help. The game was already boring at the end of the EA, because EA did not care. Here we have the last (already boring!) Version and no question, it's fun to play all the maps once again. Maybe it's fun to play it a second time. But then it will be difficult. I also just log in for the quests and then go offline again. So it was especially in the first days, when I did not have enough maps to play the advanced maps. We need new features, otherwise in the long run - just like with EA - no new players will stay longer than necessary and advanced players from that time will not find new challenges in always the same maps and if the players here pretend that the content is already sufficient, then I hope that the relevant people do not see it that way, because then their work was practically free. ;-)

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