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  1. TheTesla

    Collect all cards

    No problem
  2. TheTesla

    Collect all cards

    @BATTLEF0RGE When the open beta is released you can earn bfp by playing the game, the rate at witch you gain bfp is boosted in comparison to the old Battleforge. After the open beta you will be able to earn bfp through daily/weekly quests and those kind of things. And of course trading. You will not be able to buy bfp with real money as the game is completely f2p. If you want to help the team you can always donate to help them out.
  3. TheTesla

    Open Beta Account Reset Discussion

    @Codemaster Yes I got that, but this is an open BETA whe are talking about. It's really just a test. I do agree that the loss should be minimized, so if there is any possibility to do the reset as soon as they are done with the daily reward systems. Cause then they can alter the bfp gain speed and it all should be as is supposed to be, in terms of bfp gaining, how fast people get cards and that the economy can start working as it should. So exactly what @Ultrakool proposed. For me because there is faster gaining of bfp and the different economy that comes with it in the open beta, there should definitely be a reset. Even with the valid points you gave about the growth of the community. I also think we should hope that we can lure more new/old players to join us once again in the forge
  4. TheTesla

    Open Beta Account Reset Discussion

    I understand you and others might not like the idea of a reset because your progress will be lost, but the team have said many times to not "no life" the open beta because you will feel more dissapointed about the reset. Also as stated above you will gain an increased amount of bfp and a different economy. So without a reset the economy will be weird and it will be hard for new players to gain up on the rest. So in my opinion it is a good thing, and as Ultrakool sais above the only thing what could maybe be possible is an earlier reset. All would be fine with me though.
  5. TheTesla

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    (1) PvP: Firedancer (2) PvE: Depends, favourite is Grinder (3) Fun: Harvester (4) Ver: Windweavers + Shaman/heal (5) <3: Mighty Mo
  6. TheTesla

    Open Stress Test Information

    They released a youtube video about the open beta, where they state that it is likely to be realesed around the 23rd of march. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLa_jQ4qfFw

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