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  1. dennie334 liked a post in a topic by xMrKnuff in Missing file MSVCP140.dll & VCRUNTIME140.dll   
    Hey Guys, after two weeks I am trying to launch the game, when I click start on the updater I get an error called "Missing file MSVCP140.dll" and after that another error called "Missing file VCRUNTIME140.dll". Its not the "120.dll" Error. I tried to reinstall the game and update the Visual c++ but nothing works. If someone could help me it would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. xsissel liked a post in a topic by dennie334 in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    @xsissel 1. The open beta server will be european.
    2. First there would be 2 open bata phaces and there would be a reset after the first one, but this is not sure anymore as they are going to announce new phases on monday on the dev platform.
    3. IDK
  3. dennie334 liked a post in a topic by Kiwi in Open Stress Test Information   
    @asperatus Not even sure if EA are aware they bought it and if they'd do anything about it.
    @Higgens68 If you are on the blacklist you'll find out on the 30th of January next year.
    @dennie334 I believe the download will be posted here on the forums on the 30th of January next year. 
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