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  1. dude the Amii Phantom uses Night Guard voice clips, it's clearly not finished, but that's not to say they couldn't use it as a first step for making a whole new story!
  2. I love what you have done, bringing back this game, although I understand that you'd have trouble making new content once the open stress test is over and you've got a fully stable game, I think it would go a long way to keep the game alive for the players. more missions and cards to rekindle the hearts of veterans and ignite new flames within new arrivals! In fact the original story of Battleforge was completed despite everything, the realm of Nyn is free of the Lost Souls scheming and rogue Skylords, the Twilight is being hunted down as well as the fallen gods, and a shakey alliance has formed between the mortals and the giants... maybe this is the chance to create a new story within that universe? maybe something involving that new Continent Viridya made?
  3. because I had all the other quests open for completion, and I had played the minute left required... although thankfully the bug has sorted itself and I was able to complete the quest as normal and get the boosters, sorry for wasting your time.
  4. alright, I can't exactly replicate this but. when I was starting out on the game again, I had been suffering latency issues, that's not normally bad but now, after I suffered so much bad lag I had to force-close the game client, my client had also registered completing the 2.5 hour beginning quest, but I have not gotten the boosters, I know it seems whiney but I would like the actual boosters I was promised, I have not done any of the new daily quests so I still only have the starting cards, I hope this gets to someone because this has put me on a bad start.
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