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  1. Loriens liked a post in a topic by IlCamionistaMalvagio in Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive   
    It's not very easy to manage 12 phoenix but i'll try to do the match oink+phoenix.. thank you very match for the advisor and have a nice day!
  2. IlCamionistaMalvagio liked a post in a topic by Treim in Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive   
    Added 2 Player level 10 solo - messed up at the end big time, otherwise okay run for first full clear. I think something in the low 25's is possible. With a perfect run maybe a high 24.
    In regards to your request:
    You can essentially mirror this for the right side. You can play the right side slightly more risky by clearing the 2nd camp instantly as the Windhunters are positioned further away and you can probably dive with phoenixes before they can paralyze you. After that you can just fly out and clear t3/t4 similarly to what is shown in the replay.
    I do think you can play this with only phoenixes and no curse of oink which I tried once (13 phoenixes) but it gets a bit intense in terms of managing the phoenixes  after the initial dive and you will lose some in the process of killing the constructs (i was left with 10), so you will probably have to respawn 1 or 2 for the clear on the 2nd camp at least on the left side. Right side you might just barely squeeze through with 13 starting phoenixes and no respawns if you play it well.
    The t2 clear is a bit more complicated on the left side as you have to really try not to pull the shamans or if you pull them at least not attack them for as long as possible. Otherwise you get 2 additional incomes, which you really want to avoid. I hope this helps you.

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