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  1. I've tried like we did on your local launcher, everything worked quite well, no issues. back button seems fixed. triple and quadrouple checked it
  2. due to kubiks request I'll add the internet speed i have: download: 13,27 mbps upload: 1,33 mbps all to frankfurt servers
  3. After testing another few times we did the following: > started a battleground match > won the match > i kicked Chimaka > i invited him back > tried to create a new mission > I got stuck at the following screenshot > i disbanded the group and chimaka made a game, he crashed
  4. I could reproduce it 3 times out of 3 times, as a leader in a group of two and going into the 2 player pve battleground and trying to change the difficulty from 1 to a higher one. It crashed after that with the same assertion failed. I was the group leader at that time. Edit: after testing with kubik i found out: If the other player is on another map (like forge) it will crash, however if both went to battlegrounds, it wouldn't crash anyone.
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