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    Hello, and good day! My name is Andrew, I originally got into BattleForge when a cousin of mine requested that I play the game, and I instantly got hooked into it. Everything about the game instantly got me hooked into it. I started playing around the time of the Renegade expansion release and my favourite map is Bad Harvest. My main deck was Stonekin with a pure fire deck and a pure shadow deck that I used occasionally just for fun/extra challenge/make things harder for friends. I also play League of Legends and a crap ton of other games (of which can be seen on my Steam profile). I have an interest in a few anime shows Gurren Lagann, Black Butler, One Piece, Medabots, Naruto, and a couple others. Ever since I started online gaming I guess I've always been a bit of content creator (I've always preferred the term Creative Enginner). I wrote tutorials and guides for the fire and second games I played which were ToonTown Online from Disney and BOTS!! from Acclaim then as time went on I got into creating videos, reviews, activity blogs, and UI customisation packs (This was for BOTS!! mostly) and recently I've been getting into game creation where I'm currently designing and creating an old school style turn based RPG with some newer and original elements mixed into it all. I'm also heavily involved in a project of creating a website with a main focus being on content creation, and with that being said the focus being on content creation also leads to the website basically without a theme (ex; gaming, vlogging) so with the theme of the content being up to the users who are creating and sharing their content the theme is totally up to them, they basically get what they put into and contribute into the website... Which is an amazing concept, so I'm having fun designing, creating and configurating that stuff!

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