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  1. salomex

    Booster pack

    Hi, to reward players every 7 days loged on BF in a row you get one booster pack to help players
  2. salomex

    Talk in BF

    what do you think it wuld be nice to make that you can talk with your teammates in PvP and PvE so is easyer to play some maps where you need to do together or PvP?
  3. salomex


    Hi I wuld like to give you some suggestions I remember one card that was nature/shadow so it wuld be nice to have more of those combinations. and whit that you make a new deck. if you dont like it then nevermind. sorry for gramar mistakes. I am not good at gramar
  4. salomex


    will there be a events on christmas and other holydays. and then you get some BFP points?

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