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    Dear staffteam, due to problems with cheaters in nearly every f2p game, and the lack of professional Anti-cheat coders/programmers here, I wanted to suggest a "Anti-cheat system" which is free and gives everyone the chance to improve their beloved game. (and sorry if there is already such a thread, but i looked for many keywords and no one seems to be there in the forum, or i just didnt find them, then sorry!:D) Its like the Overwatch-System in Counterstrike:Global Offensive, where any player above a given level can watch reported replays and judge them. Unlike Cs:Go you dont need 10 reports until you get into observation, I think 1-3 reports should be already enough to be observated. If now 5 players watched the replay and 3 of them voted for yes, the player recieves a 1 year ban. Why arent they getting permanent bans? Because everyone deserves a second chance, nevermind who asks for it.(Obv they have to apologize and there wont be a third chance) Important here is the fact that people who claim, they were banned without a reason, are allowed to proof it. (Showing the replay to admins/Mods/any specialized staffmember) Another important thing is to hide the names, or mix up the names in the replay, so there is no chance someone can snipe someone out. Same as taking the privilege of judging when there was a clear deception trial of the jurors (After proofing that the judged one was clearly legit) Also make clear that reporting is only justified, if there are clearly unlegit things going on. Thats my opinion and suggestment so far! Have a nice evening and make improvement suggestions, because its a important thematic! With best regards, Choclateching
  2. Choclateching

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    These are the moments, where i cant seperate sarcasm and reality. xD
  3. Choclateching

    Skylords Reborn Traders Union

    Sounds nice, i hope my old strategy of buying and selling frostmages will still work lol.
  4. Choclateching

    Hardreset after Beta

    Tbh, i like the idea of resetting games like this, specially if they are 100% free and there is no way to cash up. But i dont think its a good idea to reset between open beta phase 1 and 2, that would just be annoying.
  5. Choclateching


    As already said, hide names, and give an option to proof your innocence if you were banned for no reason. Next step has to be, ban the ones who ordered the ban, and tbh i dont think that cheaters actually will bunch up in overwatch. xD @Kilian Dermoth
  6. I dont think that they will take too much impact on the market... i think they will help out with some cards which are set in too low or sth in this direction.
  7. Choclateching

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    Spent about 50€, made my BFP with buying and selling frostmages ^^.
  8. Choclateching

    1 player pve map final step

    Looks fine, i think its well done!
  9. Choclateching

    What was your favourite expansion and why?

    Didnt even know that there were expansions, lol.
  10. Choclateching

    rate the map desigen

    I think you should add two more corridors, or other things to spice it up a bit
  11. Back then when i was 13, i got a disc with about 20 games on it, battleforge looked the most appealing to me, so i started it. I fell in love with it in no time, i played it everyday and met people i still know today! !BATTLEFORGE CONNECTS PEOPLE!
  12. Choclateching

    Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    I am doing mixing & mastering for quite some time (about 3 years), if you need someone to master a soundtrack, just send me a raw Mp3 and i can send you a test sample. If it satisfies you, (in terms of quality etc.) I can help out with it, only problem is that i dont have too much time atm (Final school years). Have a nice day, hopefully i can help you with your plans to get our beloved game back better than ever!
  13. Choclateching

    BF can't install

    There is nothing to install yet, you just have to download the file which is already in the forum (In the post which made the postponement public) and wait till the open-beta gets released. If you want to get into the game earlier, you have to win a giveaway on Discord or on this forum. gl
  14. Choclateching

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Roll me in fam xD
  15. Choclateching

    too much grinding ?

    I think ive never had problems with building decks which are cheap and efficient. Also its only fair that people who play more, get rewarded more. (Ofc. not in an exponential extent)
  16. Choclateching

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Definitely Grimvine, my first good card out of a 1 BFP booster... also Nightshade plant, both gave me the hype to play the game.

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