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  1. Even if the structures get deleted, the fire units won't move. If the fire units don't reach the top of the map, the game will never end.
  2. EDIT: I messed up. Remove Thugs from the picture Hint: Answer:
  3. In the campaign map Siege of Hope, the city of Hope lies in the upper-right corner of the map and serves no purpose other than for that little cinematic box that shows at the beginning and end of the campaign. I put a fully charged Altar of Chaos bomb in the middle of Hope (because I don't know, screw those guys) and completely annihilated the city, which will actually result in an automatic defeat. I think this is an oversight, because there is nowhere in the mission objectives that says "people of Hope must survive". On a more grief-able topic, the campaign map King of the Giants, you c
  4. Achievements aside, I'm not saying to use enlightenment in pure nature. I'm asking why should I play 4-orbs of nature instead of playing 2 or 3 orbs of nature with the rest being splash, and using enlightenment for making forest elder? Enlightenment is good at getting a single unit (ie batariel), but it is not practical for repeated use (ie an army of batariel or using coat of protection). The advantage that 4-orbs of nature has over 2 or 3 orbs of nature + splash + enlightenment forest elder is that with 4-orbs of nature, you can build an army of forest elder more practically than if you trie
  5. I've been trying pure nature on rPVE, and minus the multiple trainwrecks that come from willzappers, I've noticed a problem with pure nature that doesn't happen with pure fire/shadow/frost: Enlightenment to summon the 4 orb card. The downside of using enlightenment to summon pure cards as opposed to going pure 4 orbs is that it isn't practical for building an army or for using spells. You don't really gain anything from building an army of Forest Elders, so why should I bother going 4 nature orbs when I can go 2 nature orbs, use enlightenment to summon a forest elder, then use the other two sp
  6. Because some people just want to watch the world burn
  7. Sopwith

    rPVE AFK

    I need gold for upgrades so I join a 4 player level 6 rPVE game (because I might as well get the daily reward as well). Then 1-3 players are AFK. Their orbs and wells are there, but they don't make units/do anything. Sometimes the leader of the group somehow "leaves the game" yet his orbs and well are still there. Otherwise they are still in the group/game. Is this some disconnect bug, or are people just afk to get the rPVE reward? If it's the latter, how do I get around this because I don't have the upgrades to sufficiently do more difficult rPVE.
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