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  1. Boss battles?

    Ok, then we can stay with 6 players max, it whould still be a fun mini-game in my opinion.
  2. Boss battles?

    Just change 10 players to 6 not a big difference, plus i don't think it's that hard to change the max amount of players since the arena whouldn't be as big as a normal map.
  3. Boss battles?

    Sorry if someone already made a topic about this! --This is like a mini-game-- So i was thinking it whould be cool to have an interactive arena and in that arena whould be a boss, lets say that boss is a player and he's using Juggernaut and other players are using they're own cards and they can chose which card is they're hero (A card that can damage the boss) (10 players game). If they beat the boss the one with the highest performance whould get that players card (The boss, the card needs to be rare). It whould be harder for the boss to beat the others but it whouldn't be impossible BUT if he did beat those 9 other players the boss whould get they're heroes(The cards). Thanks for reading! I'm not english but i tried my best to make it readable!