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  1. I think the question was more about how to build RPVE10 decks in those factions, not how to counter those factions. A question that I'm also interested in, since I'm still playing at RPVE 7 and hope to go higher.
  2. I know this is a really old thread at this point, but I feel like your "expertise" is spreading misinformation that needs to be corrected. Corsair may not be the Lost Spirit Ship, but it has its uses. 1) It's a third-tier flying unit which shoots air and ground independently, and the ground attack knocks small and medium units around with a decent splash radius. 2) It lets you summon Banditos on demand, 4 per ship, for 30 power each. Banditos who, I may add, get a 50% damage increase for every 3 friendly units nearby (including each other), up to 150%. That's roughly 1650 attack powe
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