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  1. Neox liked a post in a topic by Tiberium in What are you collecting ?   
    I wanna know the weird stuff you guys collect ^^
    Im like a mini horder, i collected a lot of stuff and kept it till today just like:
    - Yu-gi-oh cards (the very first serious collection of mine even though i never played it xD)
    - Magic the gathering cards (just like above i dont know why i never played these card games)
    - Pretty Rocks and Minerals
    - All kind of electronic stuff (old mainboards and grphics cards everywhere)
    - I cant play The Witcher or Skyrim because im constantly picking up every single thing i can find (sometimes i think i might have an OCD xD)
    And now im starting to collect the UCS series of Lego display pieces (they are super expensive... why didnt i chose a dieffrent thing QQ)
    The only thing i cant seem to collect is money
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